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To Bring You Unstoppable Hope For 2020 and Beyond

September 25-27, 2020

Let’s face it.  It’s easy to say that many of us have been “robbed” of our 2020s… Today, there are a lot of challenges facing our world. Pandemics. Race Relations. Economic Inequalities. Political fractalization. Global Warming. The list is practically endless. 

But with all the challenges we face, what allows us to move forward into the future is the hope and belief that we can do better.

The Global Hope Summit is a virtual free event where we showcase practical and proven strategies to create a healthier global society. This goes beyond creating a bright ray of light for a hopeful future… We are uncovering the map towards sustainable and worldwide well-being.

Our 2020 Themes
The Challenges That Your Global Hope Summit Speakers Are Facing Head On

A Post-Coronavirus World

The pandemic has created a massive wave of change throughout the world some of which will be here to stay forever. What does the future look like?

Empowering Minority Communities

How can we all come together to create a world where we can all thrive and be celebrated for our diversity not judged because of it.

Healing Political Division

The widening division and living in "our bubbles" while demonizing other groups of people needs to end. We explore how we can come together to create a better world.

Our Speakers

Learn from People Actively Pursuing Practical Solutions to Global Challenges
A Laughing Matter: Use Humor to Improve Wellness & Mental Health
Forget The New Normal, This Will Be A More Frequent Extraordinary
Combating Food Insecurity One Cookie at a Time
Interview: Polarity and The Illusion of Duality
Restoring Your Health to Restore Your Faith in Yourself and Humanity
How to Follow Your HEART to Uncover Who it Already Knows You Truly Want to Become
The Path of the Phoenix: Rise Powerfully from the Ashes of the Unknown
Living Free of Stress During Difficult Circumstances
Don’t Freak Out… Be the Calm in the Storm
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