Dr. Steve Young

Restoring Your Health to Restore Your Faith in Yourself and Humanity

As the co-founder of Ammortal, Dr. Steve Young’s “moonshot” goal is to help a Billion people end their suffering from chronic illness and turn their wellbeing from a liability into their greatest asset.

The tools he has co-created to achieve this goal with other amazing souls involve a holistic healing system to resolve ailments, a workstation to prevent poor posture and poor health from inactivity, and customized self-care strategies to heal faster. He’s working on an AI system that can help people find and resolve the root cause of illnesses as people permanently become a person with lifelong wellbeing.

He believes we all have the ability to play and pass on our wisdom to our great great great great grandchildren for the most abundant future possible. He has directly supported the healing of over 8000 patients directly in the last 20 years.

He’s a foodie with a goal to eat at the top 50 restaurants in the world and strives to be a mix between Elon Musk and The Dali Lama.

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