Ray Hollister

Shades of Faith / Shadows of Fear

Ray Hollister is all about resilience, potential, and joy. He started down this road by developing a very special connection with students of all ages over the past 30 years – he’s helped thousands to learn more effectively helping them to achieve average exam scores of over 90% in middle school, high school, and universities across the world. His love of learning… and his ability to teach anybody easy strategies to study far less than everyone else while maintaining outrageously high test scores… quickly earned him a lot of friends seeking his advice on how to apply some of these strategies to everyday living.

Ray has pivoted in recent years to teach on building resilience, embracing your potential, and finding joy every day. His most popular Keynote, “The Death of Harold”, is a powerful examination on resilience and finding joy even if the world is falling apart around you. It is this examination that uncovers the processes that anyone can use to tap their own deep wellspring of resilience and truly live with joy.

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