Jennifer Gamboa

Victim No More! How To Get Your Power Back

Jennifer Gamboa has three Degrees and graduated Cum Laude in Business Management. She is a Black Belt in Taekwondo and co-leads an e-Taekwondo programs for exceptional (special and typical needs) kids to provide an all inclusive environment to develop life skills in belief, discipline, respect, honesty, self-esteem, and communication.

Ms. Gamboa is also the author of “Victim No More! How To Get Your Power Back” and co-author of “You Deserve The Good Things In Life.” For over twenty years, Jen has helped people through life traumas such as abuse, divorce, death of love one, and health issues. There are five proven methods that work more quickly than transitional therapy and prescription drugs. She has created a method that helps people get to the root of their issues without staying stuck in their emotions. Her Bliss is to help people to learn to thrive versus merely survive.

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