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Body-Based Breakthrough
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Body-Based Breakthrough: Wisdom from your Body

Matthew T. Cooke is a speaker, facilitator, and executive coach who works exclusively with heart-centered leaders to nurture their confidence and achieve their dreams.

As a partner in the consulting firm, Evolution, Matthew has had the privilege of working with Iterable, Dropbox, and Twitter, and has consulted with leaders from Apple, Slack, and teams from multiple industries, including marketing, media, and tech.

Combining principles from neuroscience, biology, and personal performance strategies, Matthew helps leaders–and their teams– refocus their minds, reconnect with their emotions, re-ignite their creativity, and reprioritize their work lives. This is all done through his proprietary process: Body-Based Breakthrough, which allows practitioners to harness the creativity, wisdom, and answers … from their body.

Through the practice of Body-Based Breakthrough, Matthew’s clients master tackling complex problems with simple solutions, and learn to redesign their own rules for work, self-care, and play in order to create, connect, and contribute more at work, home, and in this world.

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