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Living Free of Stress During Difficult Circumstances

Randal “RJ” Johnson is currently a student at Claremont Graduate University, working toward a Ph.D. in philosophy of religion and theology. His academic research interests include the intersection of human consciousness with neuroscience and quantum physics. For RJ, stress free living is not just a theory. These principles were developed out of his need to overcome stress in his own life.

After receiving an MBA in finance from UCLA in the early 80’s, he found success on Wall Street, developing quantitative models for trading derivatives, eventually becoming Chief Investment Officer and head trader of a $15 billion dollar derivatives portfolio. Unfortunately, under incredible pressure and stress, he turned first to prescriptions, and then to more serious drugs to cope. He ultimately succumbed to a massive drug addiction and lost everything—millions of dollars, his health, and was even arrested and spent a month in jail. Worst of all, he was separated from his wife and three young daughters for almost two years.

Over the next six years, in an intense search to rebuild his life, he discovered certain key principles principles that permanently eliminated his stress and other negative emotions. He created a process to help others completely and permanently eliminate stress in their lives as well. Best of all, this unique method, The Effortless Stress Elimination Formula, does not require any external effort such as meditation, diet or exercise. This book is the culmination of over 20 years of research and personal experience. Together with his academic studies, RJ hopes to establish this powerful, new paradigm of thought and purpose throughout the world. 

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