Heather Dee Frankovich

Level Up Your Life With Tough But Powerful Conversations

Heather has seen it all when it comes to the toll that stress, high pressure and unusually high ambition can have on your life. For years, she’s given powerful tools to quickly unlock your potential for the long run.

She has privately served celebrities, critically acclaimed writers and high profile business owners to source their joy, resulting in new levels of success!

Heather employs over 20 years experience in her LA based private practice ‘leveling up’ the traditional therapy experience and combines it with Performance Coaching for the entrepreneur. This potent hybrid will ignite your process, boosting outcomes around personal wellness and contribution.

As a society, we’ve been conditioned to treat our inner-conflicts externally with misguided actions. That means anytime you feel stuck, you’re probably being nudged by your environment to rely on everything you shouldn’t. From food, to social media, to blaming others, to any other mental, physical, self sabotaging or isolating activity you can name………or are afraid to even mention.

You don’t have to be a psychotherapist to know that this way of living is sabotaging you AND your dreams (and probably hurting those around you). We are sourcing, with deliberation, better things in our life these days. Farm to table, electric vehicles, non-toxic products, pure and organic everything, …. Why not source the best for our personal wellness?

Sourcing Joy is committed to working with the likeminded entrepreneur in the desire to surpass the average in pursuit of achieving personal greatness in business and relationships.

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