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Hope for a Better 2020 and Beyond

We had a realization during a brainstorming session for Hope to Haiti, a non-profit who is on a mission to solve poverty in Haiti…

Now more than ever, the world needs Hope.

Global problems are more visible now than anytime before, but we believe 2020 is the year to change our world for the better.

We thought to ourselves…

What if we could have real experts – with real solutions – come together?

What if they could all speak during an online live event?

We were surprised to see nothing like this was out there…

We wanted practical solutions on how to help the world.

So we thought about the United Nations Global Goals…

These goals are 17 key areas to make our world better

What if the experts could speak on the how they’re helping?

This is how the Global Hope Summit was born.

Our mission is to unite visionaries, thinkers, and doers to share their stories of what’s possible for this world when we come together for a greater good.

Hope can be the catalyst for global (and personal) progress.

Come join us, it’s 100% free – let’s do this together.

Let’s change the conversation in 2020 from global pain to global hope.


Wolf, Scott, and Dave
Founders, Global Hope Summit

Our 2020 Themes

A Post-Coronavirus World

The pandemic has created a massive wave of change throughout the world some of which will be here to stay forever. What does the future look like?

Empowering Minority Communities

How can we all come together to create a world where we can all thrive and be celebrated for our diversity not judged because of it.

Healing Political Division

The widening division and living in "our bubbles" while demonizing other groups of people needs to end. We explore how we can come together to create a better world.

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