Cassandra Vitale

Cassandra Vitale School of Divination
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Wilderness Institute

Tapping into Hope and Acceptance

Cassandra Vitale has been working as a wellness practitioner and entrepreneur for the past 12 years. Her first love is yoga. Yoga brought her home to herself and her heart during a time when life was especially stressful. About 4 years ago, she started using EFT Tapping to heal her own limiting beliefs and unmet emotional needs. It worked so well, that she had to get trained to do it herself. She’s been working with people on their healing journey ever since.

Throughout the years, making things by hand and creating art such as macro flower photography, crochet and painting, has added color and joy to her life’s work. She is also an intuitive tarot card reader and astrological energy reader. Her latest project is an online Magick and Healing School called The School of Divination. She is currently running a Chakras and EFT tapping course to heal anxious attachment style!

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