Eric Lochtefeld

The Changing Event Industry: What Happens After COVID

Eric is an entrepreneur, mentor, and investor who has owned 20 businesses and counting including the historic Fox Theatre in Silicon Valley. With years of experience managing and running various types of events from concerts, corporate events and personal development retreats, he brings a unique perspective on the future of the event industry in a world after coronavirus.

As an industry that will likely be the last to come back in full force due to the large crowds it creates, and being directly involved in how companies in this industry are making things happen during covid, he will share some exciting possibilities that we can look forward to and prepare for in the the coming months.

Eric is most passionate about his company Bliss Champions, a company helping people create companies and lives based around their own bliss journeys. Here and in his other investments, he has been in a unique position to see the talents, mindsets, and visions that have allowed companies to thrive and find a way through the global pandemic as business owners.

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