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Rising International (CA)

Future-Proofing The Arts & Creative Industries

Aris is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur on a mission to change the world in meaningful ways. She wants everyone to be able to live a life filled with intent, integrity and purpose. Her own practice of deep self-exploration and mindfulness has led her through some unfortunate history as a survivor of domestic abuse and provided some unique perspectives on life.

Aris believes that every single one of us can be a catalyst for positive change if given the knowledge, support, love and clarity we all need to thrive. Her global travels have given her opportunity to see the bigger picture and envision a better future for the world.

The arts touch every life in some way, whether through entertainment, everyday beauty, inspiration or creative process. They can become the face of and change the course of an idea, a movement or a cause. Creatives have great (and often unrecognized) power.

Aris is determined to future-proof the arts and creative industries and eliminate the ‘starving artist’ for good. She is now building a community of artists and creatives who are striving for better, by helping them understand and capture their personal power through entrepreneurship and connecting with deeper and bigger purposes.

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