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How to Follow Your HEART to Uncover Who it Already Knows You Truly Want to Become

After successfully selling his real estate business at 31, Chris realised he’d fallen for one fo the greatest lies society sells us; that wealth equals happiness.

As well as losing his previously unquestioned formula for fulfilment, he simultaneously realised his sense of identity and purpose had also both evaporated overnight.

Forced to rebuild, he knew that whatever came next would have to be about more than just making money… it would have to be about the journey rather than the destination and somehow make a positive impact on people and the planet in the process.

The problem was, he had no idea where to start.

Ten years and several hard-learned lessons later, nothing brings Chris greater joy than sharing his HEART formula for discovering your highest calling and deepest impact:

H – Heal And Hear Your Heroic Heart
E – Explore Your Genius
A – Accept Your Mission and Position
R – Rebirth
T – Take Accountable and Adaptive Action

If you’re stuck, stagnant, disengaged and ready to step through fear into a life of daring adventure, self-discovery and contribution to the collective, be sure to join us for Chris’s Masterclass on ‘How to Follow Your HEART to Uncover Who it Already Knows You Truly Want to Become’.

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